Mountain Skills Snowmobiling at Sunset

If your idea of a great time involves fast machines roaring through heaps of snow, check out our 225+ miles of groomed trails with innumerable off-trail opportunities on wide-open ridges, rolling parks, and steep climbs. Accessing some of Colorado’s most scenic wintertime vistas (at 12,000+ feet) will take your breath away!

Know Before You Go

  • Never go alone.
  • Tell Someone: Where you’re going When you’ll be back
  • Buy a Search & Rescue Card ($3 online). The card helps reimburse local SAR team’s expenses for search and rescue missions
  • Check the Weather and for Avalanche Danger
  • Ask at the Visitor Center for grooming reports and conditions on area trails
avalanche warning

Local Tips

Avoid Wolf Creek Ski Area boundaries (it’s a pretty steep fine!)

Altitude WILL effect your machine AND you! Tune up your sled - ask local shops for advice and take a few test runs. And for your own health, double your water intake, avoid caffeine and alcohol, and lay low the first day or two

We really do have a lot of avalanche-prone country here, and you’re a long way from Search & Rescue or EMTs. Make sure you have avalanche training and safety equipment

Local business, Twin Pine Motor Sports, rents snowmobiles

Local business, Mountain Skillz, offers a variety of snowmobiling workshops and avalanche/safety courses.

Groomed Trails

Share the Trail! The following trails are groomed for Snowmobile and X-Country Ski access by volunteers with the Powder Busters Snowmobile Club. Donations for equipment maintenance are accepted for them at the South Fork Visitor Center.

Trail Grooming Notes:

Grooming Equipment is large and slow. Please watch your speed, as it may be around any corner, day or night...
Orange or Brown snow poles indicate a groomed trail. Note, the poles are placed on the right side of the groomed trail when you are riding away from the trail head.
Yellow/Black poles indicate some kind of DANGER (rock, stump, gate, etc). Don't run into them!

SouthFork PowderBustersTrails
Map Copywrite B4Studio, LLC

Powder Busters #1 - Willow Park/Del Norte Peak #345/350
(H5) Parks and valleys are plentiful to play in and at close observation you will possibly see a variety of wildlife. Restroom and picnic tables available. Loops with PB2-Beaver Creek/Cross Creek. 8,250-12,400ft. Easy to Extreme.

Powder Busters #2 - Beaver Creek/Cross Creek #360/359
(G6) Parking is at far end of the reservoir, with restrooms. There is a possible 23 mile loop on #359 for experienced riders only. Intercepts with PB1 for a 90 mile loop. 8,700-11,500ft. Easy to Extreme.

Powder Busters #3 - Park Creek/Summitville #380
(G6) Trailhead is 3 miles up Park Creek #380, or unload at highway. 14 mile route from Fox Mnt turnoff, with plenty of ungroomed riding in Summitville area. Note avalanche danger and wilderness areas. Return on same route. 8,500-11,530 ft. Easy to Extreme.

Powder Busters #4 - Fox Mountain #381
(G7) Trailhead is 3 miles up Park Creek #380. Eight miles to the end of the trail, large meadows at the top to play. Winter toilet available at trail end. Return on same route. 8,800-11,530 ft. Easy to Expert.

Powder Busters #5 - Big Meadows #410/430
(F7) Parking just off the highway. First stop is 2 miles in at the lake, good ice fishing, then continues for 13 more miles, mostly trail riding, some side trails and a few meadows. Restrooms at Big Meadows Reservoir and Shaw Lake. Return on same route. Also Recommended for XC Skiing. Snowmobiles must stay off nordic trails. 9,300-11,400 ft. Easy.

Powder Busters #6 - Tucker Ponds/Pass Creek #390
(F7) Parking just off highway. Trail is 13 miles. After the big meadow (Campo Molino) at 7 miles, the remaining 6 miles has side hills and is a steep, winding trail - experienced/expert riders only. Note avalanche danger and areas closed to snowmobiles. Return on same route. Intercepts with PB3. 9,300-11,800ft. Expert to Extreme.

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Snowmobile Regulations and Notices for our Area

You must have a current Colorado registration on each sled you're riding. Registration is required to legally ride in Colorado, and also helps fund equipment for grooming and marking trails. Visit

Out-of-state snowmobiles must have a current permit. Permits may be purchased in South Fork at Rainbow Grocery or Twin Pines Motorsports.

Over-snow motorized travel is restricted to designated routes in some areas to protect sensitive wildlife. No motorized travel is allowed in Wilderness areas. Learn More


Extreme Avalanche Danger

Avalanches are a constant danger, so backcountry travelers are cautioned to have avalanche training and to carry proper safety equipment, including a beacon, shovel, and snow probe. Learn more

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